simon gilby with the syndicate sculptures


"...extremely articulate sculptural works examining notions of what it may mean to 'be human' a' be not human'. The living body is continually reinvented as a central form around which complex relationships are explored; these often appear ready to collapse and re-configure in a moment. The surface of each body is shaped by hand, inscribed, held tight then opened suggesting that one's histories may be read by looking intently into the surface of the outer skin. The fragmented readings offered, heighten the votive qualities of a life form inlaid with emotion, desire and search for self and other..."
Jon Tarry 2004 [from Orbit: Sculptures by Simon Gilby]

Simon Gilby graduated from the Claremont School of Art in 1989 with a Diploma of Fine Arts. Simon continues to participate in regular group exhibitions, undertake public art commissions and lecture at various Universities. He has worked with towns and communities across Western Australia, including Albany, Guilderton, Joondalup, Mandurah, Melville, Monkey Mia, Northam, Parkerville, Port Hedland and Exmouth. In addition, Simon has worked with Aboriginal communities as artist in residence.


Soaring above our Frailties
The West Australian, Ric Spencer: October 30 2009

The Syndicate, Simon Gilby 15 October 2009

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The West Australian, William Yeoman: October 2009

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Artlink, Volume 29 #4: 2009

The Syndicate
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The West Australian: 22 May 2004

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The West Australian: 10 May 2004

Orbit: Sculptures by Simon Gilby
Jon Tarry: May 2004

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Simon Gilby
West Australian Artists in Residence: Published 1995